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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zombie Children: True or False ?

Matt Boiselle
A while back we here at Zombies & Toys had a post about the possibilities of zombification, and if it were true, how would the general public react to such a case ? On April 1st, 2012 in the Visayas Islands region of the Philippines, there is a distinct possibility that the dead had indeed come back to life....or had they ?

A government worker from a local health unit had reported that several children had become violently ill, died, and then rose from the dead shortly afterwards to attack certain members of their families. Alleged photos of human bite marks on the victims were reported to have been seen, although none have been made available to the public. Health officials were originally dispatched to the province to check on the children when word had gotten back to them about the mysterious illness, and when workers showed up, the parents' fevers were reported to have been so high, they were not able to even keep awake during the kids' checkups.

Three "human bite marks" were supposedly viewed on all of the children, and with the concern of a rabies outbreak, vaccinations were ordered for all villagers in the area and people were told to look out for a "rabid person" walking around the area. The health official had already planned to return to the area on April 1st when she was informed via text that all 3 children had died, and then mysteriously "awoken" a short time later and had attacked their parents. A local group leader allegedly was bitten when he tried to assist the parents, and the local government has issued a gag order on anyone involved with this incident as to not fuel the fire of any "zombie outbreak" rumors.

Assessing all of the above info regarding the story, whether or not this is a true incident, you can't deny that in this day and age, with all of the rapidly advancing diseases that even we in the United States are unaware of, there certainly could be something out there that is capable of turning someone into a flesh-eating denizen of the dead. Feel free to click the link in the pic for the full story.


  1. Er, dude... check the date on the report you linked to.

  2. There has also been numerous speculations as to whether this has been cooked up as an April Fools Day joke - who knows ?


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