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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Walking Dead : prize pack giveaway

Matt Boiselle Over a month has passed by since the Season 2 finale of The Walking Dead, and there has got to be some fans that are still going through withdrawals, feeling lost on Sunday nights, ready to tackle the mailman and start feasting on his neck, or just getting the urge to shuffle down the street in a nice tattered, blood soaked pair of pants and shirt. Well thanks to the generous group over at, they have devised a giveaway to keep fans of the show at ease a little while longer until Season 2 drops on DVD.
Once you head on over to their site, (click the pic for the link) the instructions are fairly simple: just enter your everyday standard info ( name, e-mail address & any friend's e-mail addresses) and click "go", and you are now entered to win a prize bonanza that includes The Walking Dead board game, the Season 1 companion book, a sealed Season 1 compendium of trading cards, an uncut sheet of chromium trading cards, and 3 different t-shirts ! There are also bonus goodies for runners-up, second & third place finishers. If you want to visit their respective Facebook, Twitter, or Google + page, you can put in additional entries as well. That is some heavy prize-age and I would advise you to enter soon because this contest ends on April 16th, and you don't want to be the lone walker on the other side of the fence watching the herd feast without you - Good Luck to all who enter !

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  1. rock and roll. thanks for heads up on this. hope I win.


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