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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Seattle Zombie Specialist!!!

Over the past 4 decades, fans of zombie culture have always wondered what they would look like if they were a member of the zombie horde. "Undead-Head Caricatures" by Over The Line Productions, LLC can make that dream (or nightmare) a reality! Over The Line Productions, LLC is a local caricature retail/entertainment business based out of Seattle, WA. The owners, Nolan Harris and Dexter Rothchild have always been fans of the zombie culture and decided to merge their 2 loves of zombies and caricatures into a gruesome match made in undead heaven.

This idea is nothing new. Artists have been rendering people as zombies for decades. What makes Over The Line's interpretation unique, is that they can make the experience fun and interactive in a live environment. Nolan and Dexter started drawing Undead-Heads at the inaugural ZomBcon in 2010. The concept was such a hit, the duo expanded to the world famous Fremont Zombie Walk in July and returned to last year's ZomBcon in 2011.
The concept is very simple--you sit down or send detailed photos of yourself, and the artists exaggerate your features and add whatever gory details you desire! Nolan and Dex DO NOT discriminate. If you have pets, they would be more than happy to zombify them as well.

If you are interested in getting drawn as an Undead-Head, Over The Line will be drawing at this year's Red, White and Dead Zombie Walk on July 7th, in Fremont. Nolan and Dexter also take commissions via their website, and their facebook fan page, They can also be contacted directly via email at or you can call 206.925.DRAW

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