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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rotten - Comic Book Series Review

The Quick & Dirty

Art is good - readability is ok - Storyline is convoluted


The Long & Uncomfortable

Rotten by Moonstone Comics is set during Rutherford B. Hayes presidency, around 1877.

The comic begins in a haphazard way and struggles to introduce you to the characters.
Secondary characters seem to appear & disappear without warning.

In the first issue, an attempt at using time period vernacular happens.
Something that thankfully fades as the series drags on.

The two main characters appear to be some kind of secret agents within Hayes government structure, something that is never really explained.

Overall, each issue felt like it was regurgitated and i kept asking myself where i had seen or heard the writing before.

It is like X-Files meets zombies in the 1800's

I had my 13yo son read the series also & his review is just below:

-- Ima Zombie


This comic was a bit of a disappointment to me.

While the art was reasonable the writing and plotline were not.

The way things progressed in the story wasn't very original either

The first comic explains the disease and they came up with a reasonably original idea for the disease but they do not exactly explain it

On average there are about 10-15 words on every page and half of them would be "Agh"  "Ugh" or "F#!k" 
All of these grunts and groans never came from the zombies it was always the living
I thought zombies were supposed to do that!

It seemed like while all the characters were supposedly in the olden days, they didn't speak or act in that fashion.

None of the characters made any sense.
They seemed to appear all of the sudden and when they didn't have a purpose they just disappeared or died suddenly with no explanation.

--Hanging Tree

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  1. I have Rotten 1 and 2 it kinda lost my interest.


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