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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Disney Princesses: With an undead twist

Matt Boiselle There is nothing like your first venture into either Walt Disney World or Disneyland to make you feel a certain sense of magic. Regardless if you have travelled there with your parents, spouse, or escorted your own kids for a vacation that they will remember forever, one of Disney's staples are their gorgeous princesses and the regal way they carry themselves, and convey the royal ways to their loyal fan following.....but....what if there was an accident ??

Many thanks go out to the incredible artwork of Miguel Gutierrez for his portrayal of the Disney princesses as they have crossed over to the other side, and returned again. Click on the pic of Snow White herself to be taken to Miguel's Flickr photo page for some shots of the princesses that will be sure to scare the Mickey ears off of the most hardcore Disney fan !!

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