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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Creepshow figure pre-order

Matt Boiselle One of the 1980's most popular horror films to ever grace the big screen, Creepshow, is finally getting some long-overdue love from the collectibles industry, and does this look awesome !

Shrunken Head Studios is now taking pre-orders for the 1:6 scale figure of everyone's favorite grumpy old man, Nathan Grantham, fresh from the grave and holding the "cake" that he so longed for on Father's Day, the head of the ever-joyful Aunt Sylvia. The figure itself comes with 30 points of articulation, so you have the ability to move Mr. Grantham any way you want, even his jaw is poseable. The detail is movie accurate, and as 2 HUGE extra bonuses, you not only get the marble ashtray as an accessory ( YES- the murder weapon is included !), but the icing on the cake (bad pun sincerely intended) is what is stuck in the icing itself, the 7 candles on dearly-decapitated Sylvia are able to light up !! ( geek alarm sounding)

The cost of this sure to sell out hot item comes in at $98.00, but it is best advised to sign up for yours now, as these are limited to 500 pieces. As an extra incentive to grab one, when you decide to throw down for one of these, you're automatically entered to win a Series 2 Creepshow "Fluffy", as well as some cool Shrunken Head Studios gear. Click on the pic to be taken to Shrunken Head's website, and reserve your figure now, but beware....just so we aren't all thought of as "a bunch of greedy vultures", these are limited to 2 per customer.

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