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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zombie Survivor Shirt

Matt Boiselle For all of the reality TV junkies out out there that have a love affair with the hit television show "Survivor", I'm sure that you have purchased at one time or another from their website one of the corresponding tribal groups' t-shirts. Well say hello to the ultimate survival shirt - fresh off the printers from the gang at - this tough looking shirt is something that these reality show producers should get a long hard look at when considering a plot for one of their next cash cow pilot episodes.

Honestly, can you say that the aforementioned show can really be about survival ? With a fully stocked medical clinic on the other side of whatever island the contestants may be on, and a buffet station that would make any power-eater start drooling hardly can be construed as hard times. (Come on, do you really think the host and camera crew are dining on leaves and fish guts too ? ) To add a little horror to this show for next season, lets drop onto the island about 100-200 flesh-hungry rage infected zombies and watch these prissy little camera hogs run for their lives !!! Oh well, in the meantime, head on over to and grab yourself and your tribe a whole slew of these killer shirts - they are only $12 for Men's - $13 for ladies - & $14 for the little ones. You cannot beat those prices with a stick, so prepare to Outrun, Outgun & Outlast the walkers that will be infesting an island near you !!

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