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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

World War Z: Postponed until 2013

Matt Boiselle
In a move that will surely disappoint fans of the impending cinematic zombie apocalypse, Paramount has decided to change the previous release date of the Brad Pitt feature film, World War Z. The movie adaptation, based on Author Max Brooks' wildly popular book centering on the effects of a society that has been crumbled due to a zombie armageddon, has now seen its original December 2012 release date kicked back to June 21st, 2013. The move appears to strictly be made in an attempt to combat other Summer blockbusters, allowing it to flourish in the competition of other theatrical heavy hitters. So for all the zombie fanatics hoping to see this movie around the holidays this December, crack open the book once again and hang tight for another six months.

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