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Saturday, March 10, 2012

"We're Alive" A Zombie Story of Survival

Tom "Cleaver" Sievers

I became aware of this Podcast back in 2009 and since then I become a loyal fan. In my opinion, this podcast—actually, radio serial fits better—has many elements which make it stand out and really set it apart from anything else you’ll hear. From the voice acting to the sound effects, the show even has composers who give you music and ambiance, and you seriously feel yourself being drawn in and getting involved in the story.

I recently got the privilege to sit down with KC Wayland. KC Is the man behind the podcast; well, more just the man who had a story and decided to share it. Here was the result, enjoy!

ZT: Hello, KC! First off, I’m a huge fan of your podcast. Here at Z&T, we love when we’re able to connect with the zombie community; so, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions.

ZT: What has inspired you to do a podcast/radio drama?

KC: I’m inspired by all different sources. #1 the podcast format. I always listened to my favorite radio program "The Heidi & Frank Show" on a local station 97.1 before changing its format to be a pop station. When the format change came, they used the podcast as a way to get their product to the fans and cut out the middleman. Now Audio Dramas are more personal. I had previous experience with short form film making [where] I did sound effects and soundscapes and I fell in love with it. Just the freedom to create whatever your mind lets you was so amazing to me. So, the idea of merging all of these with my passion and story I had in my mind was a no brainer.

ZT: How many writers do you have?

KC: One writer-it’s all me. The entire overarching story, plot lines and character development is all done by me. The editing and constant evolution, I just can’t see me not doing it. It’s my baby and maybe it’s a little bit controlling but it’s my child and I want to see it through.

ZT: How long does it take you to do a chapter?

KC: That’s tricky. Certain chapters can take up to a month and a half to write because there are certain details and overlapping stories that I don’t want to screw up. Usually I'm very good at this and I only have one fact checker; me! So, I do take my time.

ZT: So, Fans are a huge part of spreading the word. Do you or have you ever done a Con or fan event?

KC: We were actually at SDCC, but I prefer to do a small fan appreciation live events, 1-2 hour meet and greets, or live reading at comic book shops. We are planning something for this year, so stay tuned.

ZT: How do you separate yourself from "traditional" Zombie stories?

KC: I personally believe we had to. In the stories we introduce newer zombies/creatures and story arch and we never stick to a linear story. There is so much going on that you're not involved to a dragged on plot point, or stale story. I'm inspired by the Harry Potter series and I use that design of multiple points of conflict and external forces. Best part of utilizing that is it makes it easier to write and keeps it fresh.

ZT: What is your favorite Zombie Movie?

KC: I'd have to say it is Zack Snyder's version of Day of The Dead. Just because of what he did with the Zombies. He added newer dangers with them because Shufflers are not that scary, but add runners and leapers and smarter creatures, and that amps up the conflict and scare factor. Plus the story was more character driven and uses everyday run of the mill people and writes for them and how an actual person would have reacted.

ZT: What do you think is the best weapon to use during a zombie attack?

KC: M16. I'm actually very well trained with it and I can utilize it very well. I'm not a fan of short range weapons, especially those who say "I want a katana or a machete or a bat". People don't realize how hard it is to constantly swing something so heavy all day long. Also if you can get infected by blood, wouldn’t you want to keep the blood far enough away from you? I mean, I could shoot 1000 rounds in a day and not be tired, although I may not have the best hearing.

ZT: What is your current favorite zombie related toy?

KC: I recently got the Walking Dead plush with detachable head, I just thought it was neat looking and I got it at a decent price.

ZT: Thank you KC for your time and I can’t wait for the next episode.

KC: Thank you for having me and it was a pleasure.

As of this writing, “We’re Alive” has twenty-seven chapters available for download, for free, across many platforms and devices.

"We're Alive" A Zombie Story of Survival
2012Audie Award Nominee
Gold and Silver Ogle Award Winner
Until next time Zombie Fiends…. Stay away from your windows.

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