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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Walking Dead Videogame: Trailer

Matt Boiselle It has only been 2 short days since the explosive finale of The Walking Dead, and the zombie addicts are assuredly going through what is affectionately called "The DT's" - where you need the fix of bloodshed and survivors fighting for their own prolonged existence. Well sweet salvation - the game developer Telltale has decided to fill a prescription for us and slip it into our bloodstream !

There has been quiet rumblings for a while now regarding The Walking Dead videogame, but unfortunately not much that has been tangible... until now. Hot on the heels of the first game trailer, comes actual in-game footage of this sure to be instant classic. Fans of the comic will see points of the storyline infused into gameplay, and will center on convicted criminal Lee Everett, and his attempts to stay alive in the future of the living dead, all the while trying to protect Clementine, an orphaned girl who now looks to Lee as her savior.

The story of Sheriff Rick Grimes and his band of survivors will be in the foreground, but not focused upon centrally, but have no fear, there will be plenty of spine-tingling moments as well as copious amounts of blood. The game will be available as part of a 5 -part adventure series in late-April, and each episode will be made accessible on networks (PC-MAC-PSN-XBLA) for 4.99 an episode. If you click on the campfire pic, you will be taken to Telltale's website, where you can not only read all about this upcoming game, but watch both trailers and get 10 percent off your pre-order.

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