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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Unique Abstract Zombie Art Coming At Ya!

Here at Zombies & Toys, we love to come across any kind of really cool art.  Especially when it's related to zombies, of course!

Enter Jessica Echevarria, creator of a large variety of abstract art pieces.  Amongst them are many very cool images of celebrities - being such a metalhead, the one of Lemmy is particularly awesome - and some unique creations of monsters.  And of course, piquing our interest, is a specific piece dedicated to some good old fashioned zombification.

Check it out!

Very cool stuff, huh?  Abstract art done well is always eye catching, and this is certainly some good stuff.  We sure would love to see more abstract pieces of the undead variety from this awesome artist.  Wouldn't you?

So go on and check out and pick up something from Miss Echevarria at her Etsy store here.

Be sure to also go to her Facebook page as well!

- Dan Barkasi

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