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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

THHPPT Zombie Kitty Kawaii goes on an adventure..

Artist - Louise Kiner
Zombie Kitty Kawaii!
International Union Of Mail Artists

From Austrailia to Paris – Greece & the US
This Zombie Kitty is on the move….
So i asked Louise Kiner some questions about her mail art project.

I really dig your use of zombies in art.
Can you tell me a little more about:
Zombie Kitty Kawaii!

(Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Valentine 2012 ) 
“About Zombie Kitty Kawaii!:
I came up with her in 2009. I was teaching a "Manga" course for kids (ages 8 to 12 approx) at a studio of some friends of mine. “

“It was pretty hilarious as they were all really into the horror and monsters and vampires etc. 
My experience with Manga was reading a lot of Shojo Manga (girls manga) and Kawaii (cute) Manga; 
so after the first class I thought I'd better come up with a character 
one I could use for the different lessons I had prepared and that these kids would like. “

“I thought "Hello Kitty", but more gruesome, but with humor as well, 
 like the Black Night who has all his limbs cut off in Monty Python and the Holy Grail 
("It's only a scratch!"). 
So, after a bunch of sketches,
 Zombie Kitty Kawaii! came about.”

Zombie Kitty 2009
So it seems that there are a whole bunch of people involved in the project.
How does that work?

Louise Kiner:
The Zombie Kitty Kawaii! project
A little more then a year and a half ago, I had bought and read: 

Make Every Day a Good Mail Day

It was a bit of an epiphany
the idea of making art and sending it to someone was such a great idea 
the fact that you might get really good mail (and not bills) was really exciting to me. 

Back in the fall, 
I sat down that day and wrote out a basic outline for it. 
I actually also posted a question on how to get started on the IUOMA's Ask Anything Group
Ruud Janssen actually read my outline through and made some great suggestions to get it up and running. 

It's not the most original concept 
people have been stealing garden gnomes for years and photographing them on holiday.

Everyone who has been involved, has been having fun and are really inventive.
The Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Project/Group would be nothing without all the Artists who are and who will be involved. 
I think they all bring a certain charm and inventiveness to the project that I cannot take credit for. 

If they all lived closer by, I would have them over for drinks and a really nice dinner. I really can't thank them enough. 

Well I am certainly looking forward to having my time with ZKK and I would certainly come over for drinks

Cheers Louise
Recently seen in France

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