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Friday, March 16, 2012

Skateboarding Zombie Ollie Mongo

Todd Jepperson

Hey boy fiends and ghoul friends! Today we have a special opportunity to introduce to you the freshest meat from creators Arlene Klasky (Nickelodeon’s Rugrats/Rocket Power) and horror mogul Craig Singer (Perkin’s 14/Darkride.) Meet Ollie Mongo; Just your average teen skateboarding zombie from the future! Don’t worry, he’s half human; so he’s not looking for a few snacks to hang around. In fact, the taste of brains makes him wanna hurl.

Lucky for Ollie, being half zombie gives him some pretty neat bonuses. When you or I have to bail, we can come up with some nasty damage; but when Ollie loses an arm, it’s no big deal. He’ll pick it up and it’ll be just as good as dead in no time.

Here at Z&T, we got a chance to trade emails back and forth for a short but very sweet parlay with Ollie about everything from the future and also about his buddy Yuki, a hardcore tomboy stunt girl who gives Ollie something to chase on his board. Check out what he had to say in the interview below:

Hey Ollie! How are things in 2210? Is Zombies and Toys still the only place to go for everything a zombie could ever need?

Well, I can you say are one of MY favorite places! Pickings are pretty slim post apocalypse as I'm sure you can imagine - sometimes just finding some decent replacement wheels for my skateboard is a challenge. I keep reading about these things called Slurpee's but there's no 7 - 11's to find them at! :)

So you’re only half Z. What that’s all about; like, what’s the difference between HZ and going all the way Zombie.

I was born this way so I really didn't have a choice - to be serious though I think being half human gives me an interesting perspective on some of the difficulties for both sides - I mean nobody's perfect and I get to sort of sit on top of the fence and look at both sides with a pretty open mind.

I hear you and your pal Yuki are doing everything you can to keep Vinnie Stitch and his evil little buddies from totally wrecking everything we have worked so hard to build since the Zombie Apocalypse. Tell us what a typical night of being awesome looks like for you two crazy kids.

When we're not skating down on the boardwalk (there's this really cool old mini golf course we turned into this radical skate park) or watching old Horror films - I'm doing some Zombie chasing and trying to keep Vinnie and company out of peoples hair - some Z's hate for no reason and Vinnie is really good at stirring the pot - so to speak.

Who the heck is Dr. Crash? How close is he to completely trashing the world and making all of us breathers into full fledged flesh crawlers?

That's a really great question but also a bit sensitive - Let's put it this way - if old Hans has his way things would look very different down the shore. He's a bad dude and I'm not at liberty to fully disclose what I intend to do about him but I will say - it may not be too pretty.

I’ve been reading a little bit about Tilly? How’d you guys meet?

I've known Tillie for as long as I can remember - he's almost like part of my family - He's one part big brother with a dash of psychic advisor - he's seen it all and always has great advise for me. You know Tillie's been here from way back in the day before everything turned kinda gray and well before the apocalypse. He's also very funny and while some of his jokes may seem a bit corney - he's the hippest cat I know.

What’s in store for Ollie Mongo?

Just doing my thing - chillin & skating. I am who I am - and while some folks think I'm misunderstood - I'm really just your average teenage skateboarding zombie.

Where can Zombies and Toys readers go to keep up on all the action?

The best place for now is my facebook page and remember to "LIKE" and "SHARE" - I'm not sure why but everybody tells me that's really important (you full humans can be pretty silly I guess) as for other Ollie "Stuff" - stay tuned - I hear there are some incredibly cool adventures coming your way soon

Thanks, Ollie. Tell Yuki we say hi and tell future us to keep up the good work. It’s been pretty cool to have you on the blog today. Stop back in anytime.

It was fun - anytime!

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