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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Zombie First Responders Course

Matt Boiselle As the impending apocalypse is seemingly right around the corner, who honestly can say that they haven't ( at least in their own mind) seen themselves as the one that will take on the role of savior ? There seems to almost be a kind of poetic victory that can all people can revel in as they view that fearless icon, the ultimate zombie slayer, as he (or she) stands alone in the rubble and debris, holding court over numerous undead bodies, freshly dispatched by blades, bludgeon, or bullets.

Sounds good doesn't it ? That's what I was thinking too, and if you happen to be around the Portland, Oregon area, you can attend the Trackers Earth's Zombie First Responder course. In this handy 2-day course, you will be taught the survival tools necessary to keep your butt from becoming zombie chow. There are a certain number of skills that one must know in order to have a somewhat decent chance at staying alive, and this ZFR course will get you started in the following ways. First up, you will be instructed on how to avoid high-risk areas that may be overly populated with the dead, and the ability to find and collect drinking water. Stealth will also be taught - you didn't think you were gonna march down the street like Rambo did you ?? Cooking is a topic that will be addressed, and rightfully so - unless you stumble on an overturned Hostess truck, learning to live off of the land can be a valuable nugget to be stored in your brain.

Finally, the topic that I truthfully think will be what sets the hunters apart from the hunted, will be how to take down the infected with either a hatchet, or a bow and arrow, because unless you have one serious armory at your disposal, you're gonna have to rely on a killing weapon that does not make a whole lot of noise and draw attention to yourself. All this for ONLY $67.00 for the course - spots are filling up quick, so head on over to and sign up. If you want the power and glory role in the end-of-days, this is a pretty good place to start.

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