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Friday, March 30, 2012

Heart Land trailer: Coming Soon ?

Matt Boiselle

Amongst the plethora of zombie apocalypse movies that have surrounded us lately like a pack of rampaging, virus-infected maniacs, we the viewers have seen literally every form and fashion of life fighting off the undead, but what if for a moment, we looked towards the children ?

Coming ( hopefully) soon from the ultra-creative minds at Centermass Studios, is the film Heart Land, which focuses on a small band of young children and their struggles to survive against the backdrop of a zombie outbreak. While little is known about the movie itself, you can sort of get a gauge from focusing your peepers on the trailer, which looks very impressive. For all the latest news regarding what looks to be a sure-fire hot topic movie, head on over to or as usual, get the latest rotting chunks of news pieces from us here at Zombies & Toys. I can almost HEAR the parents' groups chomping at the bit, waiting to attack this film !

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