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Friday, March 9, 2012

Giving The Death Card A New Meaning.

Tom "Cleaver" Sievers

So we have more friends who need our help.

Deck Of the Living Dead is offering us some of the best and most unique, and dare I say frighteningly beautiful, artwork to ever grace a deck of cards.

Traditional Suicide Kings

As you can see there are the Traditional Suicide Kings, One Eyed Jacks and Aces, But some added features you can only find here are the Death Cards.

Death Cards

Death Cards are unique to the fact they can serve any function you want them to; from wild cards to even reveal cards in card tricks.

What do you get? Besides being a full 52 card deck? There are also 4 Jokers and 4 Death Cards. With each set you get 2 decks and the decks themselves each have unique back colors. One deck is traditional black and the other is inked in Corpses Green.

Here you can see the actuall box-and the art gracing it-that the decks come in.

As of now, they have reached their original goal of $9500, and in 10 days they can reach the bonus goal of $20k. Why is this important? How about being able to produce more decks for the masses.

"What Else??" How about free bonus gifts and items for those of you who do back them.

Check this sweet chart out.

There are quite a few reasons to just give them $20, but the best reasons are these:

Family Car Stickers.

Which you can get for $5 exclusively by being one of their $20 backers.

So, please do yourself a favor. Don't waste that money on some terrible processed food; take that $20 and pledge it to bring out the only deck of cards you'll ever want.

Visit their Kickstarer here at Deck Of The Living Dead.
Also Stay up to date with Bent Castle and all of the other fine products they offer.

Until next time Zombie Fiends……Stay Away From Your Windows!

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