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Friday, March 2, 2012

From a a a Realitly

Tom "Cleaver" Sievers

"You wake up in the morning, walk out your door, and you see them everywhere... hundreds of them moaning, crawling, coming to get you... everywhere you go... What do you do? Where do you go? Who do you call? "

Sounds amazing right? Sadly for this to become a reality it will need some help getting off the ground.
Owen Morris the Genius behind the "MMARRPG" that is ARG Zombies needs help to realize it.
Owen started a KICKSTATER for ARG Zombies.  Now you may be asking MMARRPG?? What does that mean? Whats ARG Zombies all about.  Here is a description of the game itself:

MMARRPG: (mar-peg) Massively Multiplayer Alternate Reality Role Playing Game.
 Wait....what?? Owen has set out 3 primary ways to set ARG Zombies apart from anything else you have ever played. The MMAR part of the game can be broken down by 
 #1. Proximity Gaming, 
 #2. QR Scanning,
#3. Clearing Your Current Location.

Proximity Gaming: Other players within a 200 meter radius of you are now either your Ally/Rival. You can trade tools and other items you aquire in both the real world as well as the ARG *Alternate Reality Game, or duel with them and build your characters skills as well as interacting with your enviroment. Movement in the game is accomplished by getting up and moving around in the real world, search your surrounding area and encounter different creatures with different abilities and weaknesses.

QR Scanning: Utilizing the full potential of your smartphone you can scan QR codes you can get in real life, players placing the code, purchasing merchandise and scanning it into the game to unlock items, missions, and Newer Zombies!

 Clearing Current Location: Each location will have hidden items that you need to "search" for just so you can survive and fight in the game.  Make sure next time your in Walmart you have the game running cause you may find a gun/ammunition in the Sporting Goods section of the ARG Walmart.

The RPG has been built around Owen's love of Super Nintendo gaming, but will also allow you to do more powerful attacks with screen swipes and actual phone movement such as shaking the phone or thrusting it forward.

This game is ground breaking in what its trying to accomplish and I know a lot of "ZOMBIPHILES" who also love to go Geocaching
Oh did I forget to mention FLASH-MOB'S, HOME BASE MISSONS, and HOME BASE GAMING.

Owen has stated he wants to institute a lot of LIVE ACTION GAMING.
This is where the majority of the funds is needed and being raised for.
Live Action Content: What's cooler than a Zombie Flash Mob? How about a Zombie Flash Mob that you can defeat! Scan the QR codes that the mob has on to join the fight, and raid in real life. Owen would love to roll out the first interactive Zombie Flash Mob!
Homebase Missions: Challenge your friends by designing your own custom mission on our website.
Homebase Web Game: There's more to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse than killing  zombies, You can grow crops, build defenses, craft unique tools of survival- all from your home computer.  Then pass all your rewards to your avatar and use them on your phone.

In the Span of only 2 days up on Kickstarter and as of writing this Owen has gotten these stats:
39 Backers or people who contributed.
$2550 towards his goal of $15000.
29 more days to go.
Its going to be avaialable for both Android Devices as well as Apple Devices.

There are plenty of benefits to becoming a "backer" and he list them all for you.
From free merchandise to having Boss Zombies named after you, and even getting your name in the credits.

Go visit Owen's Kickstarter for ARG Zombies and use the money you were going to waste on that "Value Meal" or that Grande Venti Latte Lo-Caf Soy Double Drip Upside Down overpriced cup of coffee.
Help a fellow Zombie lover give us his sweet sweet gooey brain child, be a huge part of history and dare I say a UNLEASH THE APOCALYPSE...even if its in an Alternate Reality.
Visit ARG Zombies Facebook Fan Page.
Show Owen some support and love by giving something even if its $1.

So until next time zombie fiends....stay away from the windows.

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