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Monday, March 5, 2012

Frankenweenie Stills, Teaser, and Poster Released

Todd Jepperson

In 1984, Tim Burton put together a short film about a boy and the loss of his best friend. (You can watch that story in two parts; here and here.) The story never left his mind, as it seems. In 2005, plans to revisit it surfaced and last October, Disney treated us to a couple of stills.

With a release date of October 5th, 2012, Frankenweenie has been a project almost two decades in the making; so to keep us busy until October, Disney has released a few more goodies.

Little Victor, shattered by the loss of his pooch, Sparky, turns to science to bring his best friend back from the grave; but, gets more than he bargained for. Victor does his best to hide the dog from his neighbors and when Sparky gets out the action really gets going.

(expand for total goodness)

Check out the main site at Disney and also stop in for extras available over on their FB page.

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