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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Do You Want To Be A Zombie ?

Matt Boiselle There is a certainty to the popularity of zombies in the entertainment industry, and the mass hysteria that surrounds it. There have been two types of people that are following this movement, and those are the ones that are preparing for the worst-case scenario, and there are those who just love the idea of zombies to their core.

Now there has been a third group thrown onto the mix as of recently: those deep down who wish they were one of the undead. Well, there are some that just don't want to go through the pain ( infected blood, decaying skin) to get the glory ( just kidding). There however is a much safer alternative to achieving the "rotting killer" look, and it begins with checking out a very cool website. Head on over to and have a look around, and you will find one of the most inventive ideas to be put into book form. Matthew Sebert, the graphic designer of " All My Friends Are Zombies" gives you a look at some of the ones that were lucky enough to make it in to this book ( or should I say unlucky ?).

The book itself has profiles of Facebook friends that had their pictures " zombified" by Sebert himself, and when each person was having their pic deaded up, they filled out a questionnaire in order to help identify certain characteristics each of them thought they would possess once they became a flesh-eater. Zombies & Toys own Keya Millionie had her pic done as well ( the undead chick at the top of this article !) There will soon be a Kickstarter campaign commencing in order to assist with funding of the books, and judging by the preview on the website, this will be well worth it. Take a look as well at their Facebook page ( and "like" to get in on some killer giveaways, but more importantly, to show support for a great idea from a true lover of all things zombie !!

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