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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zombies, RUN! - Android App Review

Ash "Ima Zombie" El-Masry

It is cold out....
A slight mist with heavy wet flakes of snow are falling in Seattle...
I must get to my local hardware store and get a new shovel, maybe an axe...

ZOMBIES, RUN! has a couple different options for game play, Multi-player Mode and a Solo mode.

The multiplayer mode opens up your phones browser & provides a link to begin a private game.
I am asked to sign into my Google account and grant permission
a notice that a GPS fix is attempting but nothing ever happens so i exited browser & tried again.
Still nothing, bummer....

The Solo mode has some options for game-play like what kind of outbreak is happening & how fast your zombies can move.

The easiest setting available is the "Controlled outbreak" @ 2mph.
A Google type map opens & I try to choose my location with an overly sensitive map.
The map sensitivity presents problems throughout the game play experience.
Once your destination is chosen - the game begins.
Zombies move toward me at a snails pace but, I must adjust my path to reach my final location.
The hardware store is relatively easy to reach

The next outbreak is an Early Local and i choose 5mph...
I bump up the speed because I probably could have stopped for a picnic and still not become lunch myself at 2mph
Choose a destination and twice as many zombies appear
I might need to do some joging in certain places to circumvent the zombies
I manage to make it back home with-out a scratch.

The third option for your outbreak is the Late Local and I think I will keep 5 mph.
Back to the hardware store for my destination & YIKES there are a lot of zombies & they are coming towards me, quickly
I certainly have to do much more maneuvering to get away and my phone begins to vibrate as the zombies get to close...
Whoops ... I just became lunch

The last outbreak available is the Total Pandemic & I turn the speed down to 2mph
Turning the speed down helps but I am still gonna have to run back home from the hardware store...
I am surprised at just how close to the zombies I can actually get. There are a few just across the street from me.
I can see the hardware store....
AAAHHHhhhhhh .....

Turn the speed up past 5mph & you might as well just cover yourself in mayo & lay down because you are lunch!

Overall, the game was fun and I could see how it may be good for a runner BUT, I wouldn't suggest trying to run & watch your phone for zombies at the same time.
In fact, just walking & watching zombies, I realized I was paying no attention to the street in which I was walking.

This is a battery heavy game which can be glitchy at times, causing the phone to periodically lock-up and requiring a total phone shut down.

The app did get 4 of 5 stars on the android market but i think I personally would only give it 3 due to some usability issues & the boredom factor, I am not personally inclined to play it again.

Get ZOMBIES, RUN! free from the Android Market...

Reviewed on my T-Mobile Sidekick 4g - Unmodified android

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