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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Zombie Friendship Necklace Set

Matt Boiselle Promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings. They all have their own certain meaning to the ones that we hold so dear to us. Whether it's meant to express " I Love You", or " I promise to marry you"........or " I don't care about the fact that you are a diseased, contagious out of control undead stark-raving lunatic that will probably hunt me down and chew off my face", these are the heart-tugging sentiments that make jewelry like the above pictured SO special.

Available now from for a low price of $29.99, you can pick up this friendship-necklace set that consists of two-24 inch rhodium-plated chains that each feature 1/2 of a brain with the word" brains" split in two. So regardless if you and your BFF are both zombies, or one of you has a deep desire to let the world know that your dearly departed friend to the end will always hold the left ( or right) side of your gray matter, than this bling is your thing.

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  1. I would totally get that for my bf and I if I weren't allergic to metal!


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