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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Zombie Eye for the Living Guy: Book Review and Giveaway

by Dorothy Emry

Hold your fire, that zombie you see shambling down the street may not be one of the official undead. Keep him in your sights, but before you shoot check carefully for an LG (as in “Living Guy”) logo on a sign, tattoo, or T-shirt. No logo? Fair game. So, for those of you planning to survive the apocalypse by blending in with the undead crowd, waste no time: buy a copy of Zombie Eye for the Living Eye to find out about that logo and stay safe! The latest in Marion Street Press’s how-to books will help you look, cook, dress and live undead.

Zombie Eye for the Living Eye written by J.M. Hewitt has all the how-to advice you’ll need on how to dress and act the part of a reanimated corpse whether you’re a zombie imitator, drag zombie (someone who dresses the part) or transzombie (someone who lives the part).

Not sure how far you are into living undead? No problem. Chapter 1 on “Inner Preparation” will help you discover if you’ve got the mental wherewithal to carry off the great illusion. Already psyched for the role? Get tips for distressing your wardrobe and practicing the all-important zombie-like walk. Then fine tune your look with tips on hair, makeup, wardrobe and grooming—more than enough to help you make an impressive, bloody smash on the next zombie walk you attend. You’ll get an eye full of the best zombie looks though the fantastic makeup work of Peter Swords Stevens, captured in a series of stunning images by photographer Alexander Colby.

If you’re looking to do more than scare trick-or-treaters and are truly ready to embrace the faux zombie lifestyle, then this book will be invaluable. From home decor to dating skills, you’ll find a roadmap for the entire transzombie lifestyle, even for facing those awkward moments like telling your best friend, mom, or boss that you’ve embraced a way of life through which few choose to shamble. There’s even a section of recipes so you can set your table with an imitation undead spread.

As the press release from Marion Street Press says, this book is “visually arresting and entertainingly written. It was great fun to read. I loved the points made on having a ZBF (zombie best friend) such as scaring “away a block of waiting cab patrons, thus securing a cab for yourselves.” While I don’t think I’ll use the tips to redecorate my house or ever make one of the recipes, I can’t resist looking at Colby’s photographs again and again. Starting with the cover shots, you’ll be treated to photographs that pop off the page and stay in your brain like favorite scenes from the best zombie films. No matter how often I’ve looked through the pages, I remain in awe of the artistry in those images. Get a copy of Zombie Eye for the Living Eye to study Colby’s photography and Steven’s makeup work. You won’t regret it.

But wait, that's not all! There's a GIVEAWAY: Want a chance to get a copy of this amazing book along with some swag from Zombies and Toys? Email your name and address to: by March 5th. We'll pick an entry at random and contact the winner by the end of that week.

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