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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse open source guide

Matt Boiselle While any fan of zombie films, games, or books can give you a fairly detailed rundown about what needs to get done when the dead begin to infest our precious Earth, some others would prefer some kind of official guide, or an apocalyptic road map if you will, to assist us in that time of need.

Then click your finger-friendly mouse on the pic above to be taken to the website of They have kindly provided a downloadable pdf that will outline the 5 major problems that are sure to exist after the undead have joined us, and those problems are as follows: Energy, finding your friends, preventing boredom, staying alive, and rebuilding civilization. Recommendations are given as how to handle these situations, so feel free to file them away and use at your discretion, but don't come crying to the webmasters at opensource if you DO NOT follow these directions to the fullest, and your skull ends up resembling a hollowed out pumpkin on the day after Halloween.

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