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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Horror Realm Spring Break Massacre & Zombie Gras

Matt Boiselle

Attention all Pittsburgh residents, and zombie fans in all surrounding areas.......are you looking for something to snap you out of this Winter's funk ?? Do you need something to help you scratch that undead itch ??? Coming this March 10th at the Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South, your desire for all things non-living will be fulfilled at the Horror Realm's Spring Break and Zombie Gras, a one-day convention & costume party. Drag your bones out of the darkness and join Horror Realm as they will be putting on a party that could potentially rival Mardi Gras itself !!

This Mardi Gras style bash will only cost you $ 7.00 admission ( convention only), or $10.00 ( convention & Zombie Gras). But if your only desire is to party, drink, and dance like one of the undead, it will simply cost you $ 5.00 (Zombie Gras only.) Then again, just get a look at what is in store for you if you decide to partake in ALL of the festivities : a celebrity autograph session with Mike Christopher ( Hari Krishna Zombie - Dawn of the Dead 1978) - John Amplas ( Dawn of the Dead 1978) - Kyra Schon ( Karen Cooper - Night of the Living Dead 1968) - Lawrence C. Connolly - (Author of the book Voices: Tales of Horror) - Mike Watt ( Writer/Filmmaker) & Amy Lynn Best ( Actress/ Director - Happy Cloud Pictures)

If those names don't make you want to bite into someone's flesh, there also will be a VHS room & swap meet for all things horror, a makeup/FX panel, many guest panels & Q&A sessions and a special announcement of who will be attending this September's ( 21st-23rd) Horror Realm Convention. Lest we forget those souls who truly are coming to party.... the Zombie Gras will commence at 9p.m. that evening, complete with a DJ spinning tunes, a cash bar, and headlined by a Zombie King & Queen Pageant. As an extra incentive, if you have little zombies that want to tag along, if they are under the age of 12 and are accompanied by a guardian, they can get in for free. So dust up your best funeral clothes, sweep some cobwebs in your hair, and drag your dead selves to this convention and killer after party......don't pass it up...because NO ONE likes a dead party pooper.

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  1. That's cool. Wish I was up in that area to attend! Have fun!


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