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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Vegan Zombie

Dorothy Emry

Drop that hamburger and eat your veggies! The zombie apocalypse will start with an infection passed to humans through consumption of animal products. So warns the trailer for The Vegan Zombie movie...

The latest news from Chris and Jon at TVZ is that the film will be finished sometime this year. Until then you can watch webisodes of “Cooking with the Vegan Zombie” along with occasional webisode adventures away from the cook’s safe house kitchen on or on ZombieGate’s Channel on YouTube. In the cooking episodes, Jon, your friendly host and cook , shares vegan recipes such as “Post Apocalyptic Pot Pie” and updates us on his exploits surviving the zombie infested world. Believe me, once you watch a couple of these webisodes, you’ll be hooked by the combo of tasty food, light comedy and sawed-off shotgun homestead defense.

In the Vegan Zombie website’s store you’ll find t-shirts, stickers and totes, but perhaps the handiest item to add to your post-apocalypse shopping cart is the zombie crew apron—in red, of course, so it’s “great for disposing of zombies without ruining your clothes.”

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