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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Maya’s Journal

Todd Jepperson

“A little girl’s Spring Break turns into her worst nightmare”

Maya’s Journal is a short film by writer, creator, and producer Nadine L’Esperance which tells the story of a little girl named Maya. Maya’s dad apparently fell apart after her mother died and turned into a full-blown alcoholic. Early in the film, we learn that he’s pretty much a deadbeat as he makes empty apologies for missing a daddy-daughter movie date, and then shotguns a few beers to make himself feel better about the whole deal. Luckily for Maya, she gets to go to her grandpa’s for spring break.

Unluckily for her, a flock of dead birds turns loose a zombie pathogen and things get a little less than ideal from then on. It seems like everybody gets sick but poor little Maya, and she’s forced to grow up and handle the situation on her own.

You can tell that this is a “no-budget” film, but it’s worth the twelve minutes you’ll spend on it. Transitions from scene to scene are sometimes really rough and the music at times wants for more; but there are the only two complaints I have about the film. Makeup and special effects are top rate for a film of this type, and the acting is very decent. You can tell it was filmed using a small handheld camera, but the angles and shot set-ups are very well done.

If you’d like to go have a watch, take a ride on this link and leave a comment to let Nadine know what you think.

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