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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Matt Peppler’s Graphic Art

Dorothy Emry

Want to satisfy that need to express your overriding desire for post-apocalyptic survival? Hang an I heart killing zombies print on your wall. Need a handy way to save time warning others that the zombie hoard is on your tail? Buy yourself a Hurry! The zombies are coming! t-shirt.

Both of these items and many more are brought to you through the artistry of Matt Peppler, a Michigan-based graphic artist with talent to spare. Peppler says his work has been influenced by Andy Worhol, Frank Miller and Shepard Fairey and those influences are easy to see even at first glance. As an artist, Peppler certainly has wicked skills, but it’s the quirky sense of humor incorporated into his designs that will hook you on his work.

Zombies aren’t the only subject matter in Peppler draws upon for inspiration. Head over to Peppler’s website and you’ll find graphic art referencing Nightmare on Elm Street, Conan O’Brien, James Bond and the US Civil War. As fan of both zombies and Star Trek, I gotta love his Zombie Live Long and Prosper graphic print, but it was Rosie the Riveting Zombie and the Zombie Che Guevara – Revolution is Dead designs that first caught my eye. A visit to his Skreened store had me falling for his Zombie Rules tote bags—handy for shopping or carrying your laptop now, even handier for pillaging supplies after the walking dead rise.

Head over to Peppler’s website to check out all the designs and get more on his background as a graphic designer. You’ll find handy links there to his Skeened and Etsy shops. Prices are very reasonable for such high caliber art. Buy a tote bag, fill it up and as Peppler says, “help an artist starve a little less.”

(Images provided by the artist.)

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