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Sunday, January 29, 2012

How Probable is a Zombie Virus Outbreak?

Terry Swademer

There is a very interesting article posted by Michelle Ealey on entitled “How Probable is a Zombie Virus Outbreak?” In this day and age, everything has some type of connection to zombies whether it is books, video games, movies, etc. All this overload of zombies leads one to wonder can it happen? Can a zombie outbreak actually occur? According to this article the answer to a zombie virus outbreak is highly improbable. Michelle Ealey does state this does not mean a zombie outbreak caused by bacteria or fungi is improbable. This is a very fun and informative article written by a true fan of zombies. You do not have to be well versed in science to understand the conclusions the author comes to. Looking at multiple factors such as, how it is spread and how many people can be infected, Michelle shows there is very minimal possibility that a zombie outbreak can be caused by a virus to the scale depicted in zombie fiction. To read the article follow this link:

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