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Friday, January 6, 2012

AMY releases for PSN and XBOX Live

Todd Jepperson

Amy, the newest progeny of French game developer Vector Cell, will be released to the masses next week; specifically Tuesday, January 10 on PSN for $12.99 and Wednesday, January 11 on XBOX Live Arcade for $10.00. From what I’m seeing, the game has all of the qualities of a full-fledged production horror/survival title. The premise goes somewhat akin to Silent Hill where the player will take control of “Lana” which may or may not be the mother of eight year old, autistic “Amy” and your job is to protect the little girl from the plague ridden hordes of enemies. If you still have that ten dollar bill grandma gave you burning a hole in your wallet from Christmas, I think I know how you could spend it.

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