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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Zombie Snowflakes

Matt Boiselle Tis the season you know, Santa and his elves, tiny little reindeer, mistletoe, boughs of holly......BORING !!! How about some bloodthirsty, rabid, virus-infected zombies to be hung by the chimney with care ? OK - maybe not that extreme, but how about incorporating a little of the fluffy white stuff to make it a bit more festive and appealing to the holiday crowd ?

Head on over to for a great tutorial, and even downloadable patterns for your very own zombie snowflakes. Dig a little deeper to find and download zombie ornaments to be hung on your tree, and even a zombie nativity set !! ( Wow that's demented.)

In closing, forget taking that tedious trip to find lame, store bought ornaments and decorations that will have your home looking like an assembly line Christmas village, go to this website, fold up some flesh eaters, and shock your yuletide visitors into never crowding your doorstep again to sing those annoying Christmas carols !

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