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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zombie Bash: Xmas Attack

Matt Boiselle Tired of all of the stale, cookie-cutter holiday entertainment that usually bombards all of us during this time of year ? Up to your ears with repetitious Christmas music and simply yearn to hear the sweet sounds of the undead moaning and groaning ?
Well Merry Christmas, and get ready to fight ! Recently released by Mention Mobile, Zombie Bash: Xmas Attack lets you play the role of the fat and jolly one himself, Santa Claus, as he has been abandoned by his reindeer on Xmas Eve, leaving him to defend a rooftop position against scores of zombies using only his trusty candy cane shooter. Gameplay promises to be fast and furious, with 3 different classes of flesh-eaters to fight ( Gnashers, Scramblers & Galutes). which will surely give Santa plenty of problems. There are numerous power-ups to assist you with an 8 level holiday beatdown, and achievements are recognized with the progression of accuracy, percentage of zombie kills, and the amount of levels you are able to complete.
Combined with great music, atmospheric sound effects, and the ever changing snow patterns, this game is sure to turn your Blue Christmas into a holly-jolly slay ride ! Now through Christmas Day, the game is on sale in the apple app store for only .99 cents, and is compatible with the IPhone, Ipod Touch, and the IPad. Mention Mobile also has future plans to incorporate the game onto FaceBook, so knock the pine needles off your shoulders, slam back a tall glass of egg nog and grab this game before the holiday rush begins.

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