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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Real Deal Brazil : Zombies will envy your head

Matt Boiselle Any true survivalist will have a list longer than their leg of items that one must be properly fitted with in the event that we are overrun by legions of the undead. Firepower ? Got it. Shelter ? Check. Rations, transportation, and medicine ? Yes, yes, and yes ! Think you have everything covered ? Well, as you scratch your head to ponder this one, your finger is literally on the pulse of your most valuable ( yet unprotected) asset. Just take a look at the picture above this post and answer to yourself, " How bad ass would I look wasting zombies while sporting a hat exactly like Woody Harrelson wore in Zombieland ?"
Luckily the good people at Real Deal Brazil have decided to let the wanna be Tallahassees of this world own the same model of hat that good old Woody sported in the hit movie. These skull covers are made out of canvas tarps that were stretched out across the beds of Brazilian cargo trucks, enduring blistering heat and driving rains, so you know that not only are you getting a hardcore, tough as nails headpiece, but a handmade to order conversation starter. Real Deal Brazil stands by their product 100% and if you want to look the part of psycho-cool zombie slayer, head on over to their website at and pick one up. They are currently priced at 39.99 and if you order one before December 23rd, you will receive free shipping.
After putting one of these killer hats on your dome, you will be ready to inflict some true pain on the undead......however, good luck finding some Twinkies.

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