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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Zombie Pinup Calendar

Matt Boiselle According to the Mayan calendar, the year 2012 will be an apocalyptic one, including but not limited to, fire and brimstone, seas boiling, and general mass destruction. Basically all of the aforementioned instances would make the ordinary human being either shudder in fear, or simply dismiss it like it were yesterday's news, but one thing is sure. survivalists will be wringing their hands with anticipation over the next 12 months.
So here is the dilemma most of us will face, would you prefer to either cross off the days until destruction using some generic blank calendar from an office supply store, or would you like to bask in the glory of some sweet pinup quality zombie models ? Yeah, that's what I thought !
Solving this most problematic issue can be addressed by heading on over to and grabbing one of their full-color 12 month 2012 calendars for $25.00, and if you order one within the next two days, shipping is free !! Each month will showcase a freshly dead, slightly rotted, although rather sexy pinup in vivid color that will accentuate the inner beauty that has now oozed to the surface. Check out the site and snag yourself a vital piece of apocalypse planning material, but beware, although they may look visually appealing, try not to fall in love. These women will not only steal your heart, but will be just as happy to take your spleen, liver, pancreas, small intestine..........ETC.

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