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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Zombie Safehouse

Dorothy Emry

Looking for the ideal shelter for the zombie apocalypse? Whether you feel safest on land, below ground, on the water or on the go, you might find your ideal hiding hole among the designs for the second annual Zombie Safe House Contest. The 2011 ZSHC brings us another hoard of noteworthy entries designed to keep humanity safe from extinction.

This year’s 1st place Gold Shovel Award winner is Austin Flemming’s Vagabond Mobile Safe House Device. Just strap it on your back, run for your life, and when you’re weary of fighting off the zombie hoards, set up camp under the Vagabond’s reflective dome. Why reflective? Zombies will probably mistake their reflection for another of their kind and just walk on by. When it’s time to move on, the Vagabond collapses to backpack size and you’re ready to hit the road again. Flemming’s mobile safe house is designed accommodate two people.

Have a larger band of survivors who want to stay on the go? Check out the 2010 competition winner, Shea Trahan’s SS Huckleberry, a great way to cruise through the zombie apocalypse.

If you don’t find your dream safe house among the ZSHC entries, then fire up the creative neurons while you still have an intact brain and work up a design of your own for next year’s contest. Some pretty nice prizes are to be had—like the round trip tickets and weekend passes to ZomBcon for this year’s 1st prize winner­. The real prize, of course, is staying alive when the apocalypse hits.

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