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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Zombie Ammunition

Matt Boiselle Defending ourselves in the event of a zombie apocalypse will surely be no easy feat. Some of us may be able to rely on our sniper talents that have been perfected over numerous years of video games, others will simply grab a gun and pray to hit anything that moves. Regardless, we as a society that wishes to outlast the undead before we become one of them, must have some sort of arsenal at our disposal. Well thanks to the Hornady Ammunition Manufacturing Company, survivalists of all walks of life will now have some fuel for their firearms ! Introducing the Zombie-Max ( or Z-Max) bullets, which are available in numerous calibers (9mm, 7.62, 12 gauge & more). It must be stressed however that these bullets are not toys, they are real ammunition and are not intended to be used on people, animals, or anything living. These are in stock now online or at your local gun shop........if it hasn't already been ransacked yet.

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