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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scares that Care foundation

Terry Swadener

Who says that horror fans are evil uncaring folk?! Scare that Cares is an organization created by horror film director and retured police officer Joe Ripple, which provides support and goods to children whom are sick. Scares that Care provides money, toys, and other items to sick children. This organization has grown to include two other branches including Scares for Pairs who help women fighting breast cancer and I Helped Kane who helps Kane Hodder’s charity for burned children. Scares that Cares hold benefits, have auctions, celebrity appearances, etc. to help raise money and awareness. This is a growing charity organization which does amazing work and for all the right reasons. Right now the two major campaigns this organization are striving to help are Go Mad for Madelyn and Have a Heart for Draven. To donate or help please visit

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