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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Save the Chapel

Matt Boiselle If you are a hardcore zombie fan and generally a lover of the undead as a whole, then the 1968 classic film Night Of The Living Dead, is most likely a staple in your everyday flesh-eating thought process. Unfortunately, the sands of time can be cruel and unforgiving to the purists, and in the following instance, this has proven true once again. Evans City Cemetary in PA, which was one of the main focal points used in the film, has been stricken by the aforementioned sands of time, rendering the Chapel in a state of ruin. The building itself, which has been used as a storage shed for the past decades will require a $ 50,000 repair fee to restore itself to its former state. However, a group of die-hard and devoted NOTLD fans are forming together on FaceBook and at organized fundraisers to resurrect a cinematic landmark. Gary Streiner, the sound engineer on the original film, and grassroots leader of NOTLD festivals in both 2008 & 2009, is spearheading the beneficial efforts to rehab the hallmark. Amongst the donations that have already been recieved, has been selling posters, engraved paved bricks, and scheduling walking tours and vow renewals to help with the costs. If you have the time and a few bucks to spare, head on over to the site and pick up a poster, or just paypal them a donation, and help to preserve a piece if cinematic history.

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