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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Return of The Living Dead: More Brains ! Documentary DVD

Matt Boiselle
Many movies have come and gone with the undead brand attached to them, some noteable, many forgettable. But I will go on record and say that my favorite of all time without a doubt is The Return of The Living Dead. I first saw this movie in the Summer of 1987 on VHS with my brother and from that moment on I was hooked: gore, humor, storyline, great characters, excellent atmosphere. a killer soundtrack....and Linnea Quigley !!

Now - 26 years later, Mike Perez entertainment has released More Brains ! A Return to The Living Dead - The Definitive Documentary. This 2 hour DVD is stuffed to the limit with never before seen footage complete with over 30 brand new interviews with cast and crew from the first three movies. You also are showered with tons of deleted scenes, bloopers, special effects testing shots, and a bunch of special features to make even the most hardcore fan beg for more.

Have you made up your mind yet ? Here's another selling point for you, if you order this DVD by December 20th, 2011 ( Limited time only) - shipped separately from the disc will be a 12x18 poster of the DVD artwork created by Carl Ramsey ( the artist for the original Return of The Living Dead poster) - signed by 3 original cast members : Beverly Randolph ( Tina), James Karen ( Frank), and Brian Peck ( Scuz). This at a convention alone would cost you 60 bucks just in autograph fees ! And to top it all off, the cost is only 19.95 - with NO shipping costs to U.S residents - what more could you possibly want ? So head on over to and order 1 for that special person this holiday season, or be greedy and just get one for yourself - either way this is an insane deal considering what you get for the bucks. Believe me after watching this, you too will be screaming for " More Brains" !!


  1. want.want.want.

    This was the first zombie movie I ever...and I was about 8 or 9. This was the movie that started it for me. I'm gonna have to get this. Btw, LOVE your blog.

  2. I just received my poster last week!
    My fav zombie movie ever! When did the whole biting thing come into play? Everyone knows the government creates zombies!


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