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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Asylum Press number two: Eeek!

Todd Jepperson

Our blog contests for Zombie Terrors—Asylum Press number one—have wrapped up and we’re on to number two! Eeek! is a retro-horror print comic you’ll definitely want to get your hands on. Coming in at 176 pages, this top quality compendium will give horror fans all they come for and more.

This retro-style anthology of horror tales is guaranteed to give you the eeries and creepies! Taking a pinch of black humor from EC comics and mixing it with the art stylings of House of Mystery and Warren Comics, EEEK! blends a heady broth that hits you like a burning incense stick to the retina. Jason Paulos delivers the goods with over 15 tales of revenge, zombies, vampires, ghouls and monsters. Each tale drawn in a different style reminiscent of the B&W horror mags of the 70's and 80's.
In Deadline of Death, we witness rival comic artists dabbling with malevolent forces that arrive in the form of a chain smoking goatee wearing Satan. In Lights! Camera! Murder!, a lovesick starlet and a ruthless film director embark on a doomed love affair that ends in pieces! In Easy Prey, a helpless girl gets lost in the wilderness... but is she all that she seems? In Head Trip, a hippie's love for music goes horribly wrong.

Those of you who’ve checked out Zombie Terrors have at least an idea of how Asylum does things. There are no cut corners here. The cover art was created by UK based Illustrator and Concept artist Aly Fell, who’s pin-up style art can be found over at DarkRising.

Online art classes are available for people who want to learn more about illustrating.

The comic work inside is the work of veteran comicker Jason Paulos. Known for his Hairbutt the Hippo Private Eye series which has featured in the Australian MAD magazine, his work on the Green Lantern series for DC comics, and now Eeek!; Jason has kept himself busy.

Head on over to the Asylum Press store and order your copy of Eeek! Also, don't forget back often so you don’t miss our next Asylum Press feature and all new contest. This one' gonna be big, folks.

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