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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zombie Terrors: Asylum Press Number One

Todd Jepperson

Over the course of the next several weeks, we’ll be featuring some of the products available from Los Angeles publisher, Asylum Press. Founded in 2009, Asylum press specializes comic books and graphic novels within the action, horror, and science fiction genres. The thing that makes them different from other serious players in this game is that they choose to work closely with the people that support them; frequently employing social media and other familiar platforms like movies, television, and video games to spread their news.

Their business model is fresh and bold and the quality of their publications is absolutely second to none. They’ve spent years amassing a legion of professional screenwriters and some of the best artists in the business to create “original, character-driven stories and cinematic artwork… that will appeal not only to comic book fans, but also mainstream fiction readers who don’t normally buy comics.”

During the Halloween season last year, Asylum Press released a graphic novel anthology of the living dead entitled Zombie Terrors. Obviously, this caught my attention. If you’ve been with us long, you’ll remember that I have a sweet tooth for anthologies. However, this was the first graphic novel anthology I ever read. The transition was an easy one, and I’m now addicted. The difference between these and traditional fiction is that you can enjoy them to whatever level you prefer. Either race your way through the text or enjoy a scenic jaunt through hell; taking in each detailed frame and savoring the flavor.

Featuring artwork from notables such as Szymon Kudranski (Spawn) and stories from master craftsmen like Tim Vigil, Zombie Terrors is a chef-d'oeuvre. A masterpiece with more than fifteen original tales, over a dozen stunning images of the cannibalistic undead, and a twenty-four page preview of the upcoming Undead Evil; Zombie Terrors is 172 full-color pages of the best work from all over the world.

"We're calling it Zombie Terrors, an Anthology of the Undead," says Publisher/Creator Frank Forte, "it's a collection of horrific and fantastic stories featuring everyone's favorite brain eaters." Szymon Kudranski (SPAWN) brings us The Barber, a tale of the undead and the Mob. In Creature Converts, by Canadian storyboard and comic artist Craig Wilson, a cat lady's feline friends develop a taste for the flesh. In Feast ( written by Royal McGraw (Batman:Battle for the Cowl, Commissioner Gordon), Illustrated by Adauto Silva ) a gangster's taste for a delicacy becomes his end. In Hate by Doug Williams, a zombie must confront what he's become. Billy George brings us The Undead Templars a tale of the blind dead. Allison written by Myself and illustrated by horror master Tim Vigil, colored by Joe Vigil, a lovesick man tries to ressurect his dead lover with horrifying results. Bond follows a lone survivor in a zombie holocaust (by Euro guys Bartosz Sztybor and Macie Wodz). Grmbghraaaaagh! (by Bartosz Sztybor and Pawel Wojiechowicz) is a tale of zombies trying to escape what they are. Dead of Night by Joie Simmons is a great B&W tale. David Paleo brings Rot Clowns, which is rendered in a great old school brush style. Bunker Buster (Illustrated by Steve Mannion) is a tale of Nazi Scientists trying to engineer zombie super-soldiers. Aaron Rintoul brings When we Disappear, a esoteric tale of zombie armageddon where we track two lovers trying to survive. Other tales by Robert S. Rhine (Girls and Corpses) , Nenad Gucunja, JC Wong, myself and others. Also includes a special preview of the upcoming voodoo/zombie series Undead Evil illustrated by Nenad Gucunja."

Now that you know what it is, it’s time to get your hands on it. Although I’m sure there are many ways to bring the dead home, there are two ways we’re going to recommend. First, send your name and address to for your chance to win one of five signed copies from Zombies and Toys. We’ll wrap this one up in just two weeks, so make sure you get the word out quickly. Secondly, for the rest of you, crawl over to the Asylum Press store and grab your copy (in stock as of the time of this writing.)

Check back next week for part two of our Asylum Press feature only here on!

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