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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Todd Jepperson

Day two down, and we're having a blast! The day started off with a good half hour Zombie hunt on the beautiful beaches of Dead Island (on the courtesy plasma screen and Xbox 360 setup in the lobby) before climbing in and holding down the fort.

The lights went down in the whole place four times during the day. It might not sound like a big deal, but when you're at the world's largest congregation of shambling masses of the undead, the lights going out is like wholesale creepy-mood ambience.

For our Facebook fans among you, you'll recognize names like Zilyon Publishing and Zombie Tools, but let me introduce you all to our next-booth neighbors Night Zero. All con long, we've been hanging out with these guys and watching them work their magic. We've spoken at length with Ian about the crazy cool HDR photography these guys use in their Photographic novel: Night Zero.

I also had a chance to witness the infection spread as our friend Jana got her hands dirty and turned con-goer Jason from this...

to this...

and eventually to this...

If anyone in the neighborhood hasn't come down yet, do it. We're having a whole lot of fun here and we'd hate to have it all without you. Tomorrow is the last day and our trip just won't be quite right if we don't see you here.

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