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Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome to ZOMBCON 2011

Todd Jepperson

We’ve got our feet on the ground and now Zombies and Toys is officially coast to coast. From sunny Orlando, FL to the rain-soaked streets of beautiful Seattle, Washington we’re bringing our own special flavor of Collectibles, Media, and the Walking Dead all across America.

If you’re in the area between now and Sunday, come on down to booth #309 in the Emerald conference room and say hi. If you happen to catch one of the amazing white-shirted volunteers, take a minute to tell them what you think of the event. Tell them we like what they’re doing and if you see Amy, tell her she ROCKS!

So far, we've shaken hands with some old friends and made some new ones; including Tom Savini, Judith O'dea, Brad Voytek, Jonathan Maberry, Matt Busch, and others.

We’ll post live photos to our Facebook page, and occasional "tweets" to our Twitter, but keep your eyes out for our exclusive ZOMBCON surprise contest sometime before it's all over. We’ll be bringing you updates all weekend, so drag yourself back at least once a day to see what’s going on at the world’s first and largest Zombie culture convention.

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