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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Walking Dead Introduces a New Board Game

Matt Boiselle

With internet and platform consoles dominating the gaming industry today, some purists long for the days of the good old time-consuming board games to occupy our family bonding moments. Well look no further, because the developers of the wildly popular World of Warcraft trading card game have just released The Walking Dead board game which is based on the hit TV series airing on the AMC channel.

The game is designed for anywhere from 1- 4 players, ages 15 and up, and lets you jump into the story as either Sheriff Rick Grimes, his best friend and partner Shane Walsh, Andrea, or a number of other survivors in a race against time to gather weapons and supplies while dodging zombies in an attempt to reach the holy grail that is the CDC. In addition to the possibility that players may need to turn on each other in the event that supplies run low, a twist has been thrown into the gameplay.

If your character starts to lag behind and becomes head course at the zombie feast, you can turn around as a newly inducted member of the undead and chase after the remaining survivors ! This can be done by springing surprise attacks and contaminating supplies, or even putting the bite on a former teammate and having them join you in pursuit of the living. This game forces you to strap on your thinking caps and rely on your most primitive survival skills, so for at least one night, shut off the computer and give the consoles a well- needed break, then crack open this game and prepare to see if you can survive The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Board Game is available now at most hobby stores and online at either Cryptozoic Entertainments or AMC's online shop.

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