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Monday, October 24, 2011

Spaztastic Zombies: Humor for the Living and the Undead Review

Matt Boiselle

As most of us hardcore zombie-loving fans know you can never be too prepared, and in this mode of preparation, we at some point or another have either purchased or borrowed some sort of manual for our own entertainment or reference enjoyment. It is paramount that we not take ourselves too seriously in the quest to be fully ready in the event of an absolute apocalypse, and for that necessity, I present to you "Spaztastic Zombies: Humor for the Living and the Undead" by Tammy Lee Morris.

In this short, well versed guide you are not only given the vital information necessary on how to deal with a zombie infestation in your area, but practical advice on such topics as how to beautify your captured flesh-eater via the correct use of makeup and fashion tips, reasons as to why a zombie could make a good husband (for those who are lost at the game of love), and most importantly (or unimportant depending on your level of priority), party tricks and games that you can play with your zombie. Now I know you are thinking " how could this possibly help me ?" Well there is a lot of very useful information in this book as well along the guidelines of the best weapons for defense, knowing how to identify your enemy, and the proper stocking up items for the immediate future (DON'T forget the toilet paper !!)

All in all Tammy Lee Morris tries not to take herself too seriously with this book, and that is a good thing. You can tell that she enjoys her writing and that in this day and age is becoming somewhat of a lost art. If you want a good pocket guide and don't want to break your bank ( and are looking for some entertaining material), I recommend picking this one up as copies are available at

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