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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Divine: the Series

Todd Jepperson

Coping with his loss of faith, a young priest has his world turned upside-down when he witnesses the resurrection of an immortal being named Divine. Given sanctuary by the church, Divine leads a never-ending crusade to show lost souls they have the power to choose their destiny between good and evil. With guidance from the priest’s mentor and Divine’s street-smart sidekick, the Father must now confront his own demons and the dark forces that challenge Divine.

I know what you’re thinking, “Another crappy webseries created by terrible amateurs? C’mon Z&T, you’re better than that.” No, Divine is a full-scale contrivance of Maple Blood Productions, a group of serious Canadian filmmakers who are brave enough to embrace the new.

Divine was created with the “smartphone generation” in mind. It’s a new idea, allowing viewers to take in digestible bites, at their leisure; but with the understanding that with each episode, you’ll get some answers and some new questions about the characters and the world they’re living in.

”We’re producers, directors, special effects technicians, stunt people, writers and actors that wanted to take on the challenge of creating a brand new idea and deliver it for a worldwide audience that’s online. Our team wants to push the envelope for what a web series can be, both in terms of quality of storytelling as well as in the concept of creating something that’s designed to thrive in an online format.”

“We believe that the time is here for online web series. The old way of creating television and movie content will still be around for years to come, but we believe that now a new form of visual storytelling can be created, one that exists online. We’ve assembled the best cast and crew for “Divine” and we’re going to find a way to make an online series work from both a commercial as well as a creative point-of-view. If the established system hasn’t figured out a way to make this work yet, it’s up to us—both ourselves as the creators and you as the audience — to do it.”

The list of characters is extensive, but includes faces such as Dan Payne (“Divine” The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz, Smallville, and Stargate);

Chasty Ballesteros (“Jin” Final Destination, Encounter with Danger, Supernatural, Psych);

Lisa Marie Caruk (“Lon” Snakes on a Plane, Supernatural, Smallville);

and Misha Collins (“Father Christopher” ER, NCIS, 24, CSI, Nip/Tuck, and Supernatural)

As of this writing, there are four episodes online titled, Divine, Choices, Feed Him for Life, and Simple Men. If you agree with us that this is an amazing idea, head on over to their website, and let them know what you think. Make new friends and tell them about Z&T. Let’s all be winners in this game. Let’s turn modern cinema on it's head and start the revolution!


  1. Welcome to the world of Divine! I've been watching this show and I completely agree with you that each episode answers some questions we had from the prior one but it seems to open a whole new can of worms for us to dig through!

    The story line is getting more and more detailed with each episode and adding more and more questions to keep us on our toes. The acting is solid and lighting and special effects are amazing and add a lot to the look and feel of the story (still trying to get beyond Yummy Mummy and Baby!).

    No offense to Ben and Misha but my favorite is Dan Payne as Divine! He looks like he's having a blast filming this and it's good to actually see his handsome face for a change, no crazy masks or makeup!

  2. Definitely agree. I'm loving it!

  3. Oceandeep: OMG! This show has kinda taken on my whole life! The endless debates as to who or what Divine is, why the zombies, why the Hitler Hair style on Misha's, Fr Christopher's head? get the drift. Amazing show, amazing fans. My one 'prayer' is that after episode 6..we get more...very, very soon. I'm not good with withdrawal


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