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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boxhead:Zombie Wars Invades IOS

Matt Boiselle

Tired of all of the numerous amounts of mind-numbingly boring games and apps for your iPhone ?? Well look no further, aficionados of the undead, because available for download right now on iTunes is one of the most popular flash games ever to appear online. In Boxhead: Zombie Wars, players assume the role of Jon Bambo, a mercenary dressed in black that you will control as he carves
his way through endless swarms of zombies and demons from hell. The game's creator, Sean T Cooper, saw this as no better time to add a new chapter to the Boxhead gaming story and here are just some of the gameplay details for this addictive shooter.

Players have the ability to either pick up some firearms, C4, or even exploding barrels to battle the flesh eaters. Offense not your game ? Fear not, as defense is another option to choose as well, head out on the run as you can set up barricade and turret mazes, then sit back and watch the zombies try and figure them out. Also with the latest 4.0 update, you can add 3 new maps of gameplay ( Welcome to Hell, Lucifer's Den & The Inner Circle) On top of that you can also add a complete graphics overhaul that will make the newest vampires, mummies, and running zombies look clearer than ever. The latest version is now ready to be played on the iPod Touch & iPhone.

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