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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5K Zombie Apocalypse Run Invades Oregon

Matt Boiselle 
If you are a person that likes to run for exercise, then you already know that the biggest roadblock can be the lack of motivation. Well if you happen to live in the Portland, Oregon area ( Tualitin, Oregon to be exact), than look no further that the ultimate form of fitness training. On Saturday, October 29th at the Lee Farms, you will be forced to flee for your life in the 5K Zombie Apocalypse Run. There are basically two ways to participate in this marathon of the undead.

Runners that enter can either choose to be a survivor or a zombie. If you choose to be one of the recently diseased and deceased, you will be attempting to catch up to the survivors that have been given a 2 minute head start and will be looking to strip them of the flags that they will be wearing on their belts. Simple as this, the zombie with the most flags at the end of the run will be crowned King/ Queen of the living dead. Runners are encouraged to show up in costume if they so choose to, and will be automatically entered in the costume contest ( a contest for best outfit and a shorter run will be held for the kids too). In addition, the farm will be enhanced with fog machines and creepy music to set the mood for the night.

The festivities start at 2:30 pm with the 1.5 mile run slated to start around 5:00pm so good luck to all, and try not to fall down.


  1. There is also one in Collingswood, NJ the same day!

  2. Me and the wife are talking about running the one in Austin. It's not till December though.


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