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Thursday, October 13, 2011

3 Weeks till Zombie Opera

You only have 3 short weeks till the third and final run of the zombie opera! Yes, I said zombie opera. Evenings in Quarantine is a zombie opera performed at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater in Pittsburgh, PA. The performances will be Oct. 27-29 at 8 PM and Oct. 30 at 2 PM. For tickets click the link below. Evenings in Quarantine is a mixture of classical theater, motion pictures, horror, and opera that is sure to be an entertaining evening.
“As the Zombie Epidemic ravages through the streets of Pittsburgh, we follow three college friends in this contemporary classical horror opera. Ronnie Tomaston has been asked by her father, Sergeant Tomaston, to escort as many civilians to safety as possible. Izzie Bower wants nothing more strongly than the safety of her little brother, Aidan. Charles McKeelis struggles with his secret affections for Ronnie and his desire to protect her at any cost. While traveling together, our three heroes encounter friends and foes in the form of the ambitious Professor Thalamus, the reckless party girl, Angela, and the kindly Commander Fletcher. Guiding us through this adventure is the ever-attentive Newscaster, with the latest updates and survival tips.”-

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