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Monday, September 12, 2011

Zombie Shirts Courtesy of Tee-MINUS 24

I love fresh, new zombie shirts.  Assuming our readers do, also, Tee-MINUS 24 wants to give away a couple of shirts this month.  Even though they offer some great geek wear, we threatened them into giving us some zombie shirts!

Check out and grab a new shirt for $10 every day.  If the shirt you want has already been featured, use code "10off" to save 10% off of your purchase.  If you missed Zombies: The Flesh Maker, test your luck and win one for free!

If you're a size Large, email your name and address to  If you prefer an XLarge, enter at  You can only win one shirt and multiple entries will be deleted.  All entries must be received by Oct 10th.

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