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Monday, September 26, 2011

Stag Night of The Dead Coming Soon

Matt Boiselle

Releasing on ITunes and on DVD in the U.K. this January 9th comes a new take on the Zombie genre. In " Stag Night of the Dead", we follow a close group of friends and a very voluptuous stripper heading to a run-down military base for what can only be called as the greatest stag party experience known to man. I mean think about it, what could be better than to gather up a bunch of your best buds, strap yourselves up with pulse stun guns, and unleash hell on the undead ?( I'm not quite sure where the stripper fits in.... but who am I to complain ?) In the movie, the group seems to be enjoying their game of "zomball", until the cardinal rule is broken, and that rule is " never humiliate a zombie". After the rule is ignored, I'm sure you can guess what happens soon after. All in all this movie promises to deliver a fresh new take on the zombie movie dynamic, so make sure to check out the trailer for this survival comedy and who knows, after the apocalypse does occur, we could all be meeting up to play ourselves a game of " Zomball".

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